Sunday, January 18, 2009

Elk Hunt 2008

One of My favorite things to do is go Elk hunting. Unfortunately the wolves have taken more Elk around this area than any hunter. This year we hunted in a new area. To get to the are that we had decided to set up our camp was pretty rough. There was about 2 feet of snow on the ground. My truck had a heavy trailer full of out gear and my brother had a four place ATV trailer behind him, it was full. Chevy Power!!! There as only one truck that had gone in before us and they stopped and turned around where we set up camp. We hunted the area at our camp and about 5 miles beyond. Because it was so nasty to get into we were the only ones there for the next 3 days. That was great!! Unfortunately all we found were Deer. Four of us had Deer tags and we filled 2 of them.

Some Pics of our camp.

The last 3 years we have had a 17 X 13 tent, this year my friend bought a second tent a 12 X 14 when we put them together and added 2 wood stoves and a shower house out back we lived like Kings.

I am on the left, then Clint, Scott, and Bill. This was taken about 15 miles away from camp. Where there was allot less snow.


  1. Those wolves are taking allot more deer in Wisconsin then hunters to. The deer kill in Wisconsin is down 20% this year. I think that a large of the drop in the deer kill responsible to wolves. The DNR in Wisconsin also just announced that the bear population is double then what they thought. They say that there are 546 wolves in wisconsin I do not know how they got such a exact number. So I wonder what the wolf population really is.

    Yes Chevy Power!!!

  2. I've always wanted to go elk hunting, but the only elk we have here in Wisconsin are on elk farms. But for the past 3 years I've gone whitetail hunting. I got a pretty good sized eight pointer, and this last year one of the guys from our hunting party got a nice 10. Go Chevy!

  3. lee there are wiled elk in northern wisconsin. sawyer county you can apply for an elk tag.

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