Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ultimate Turkey

Let me introduce you to the best Dutch oven!
The Ultimate Dutch Oven
I have had this Ultimate Dutch Oven for about 3 years. It has been really awesome.
It is made of aluminum which makes it a lot better for cleaning than a cast iron dutch oven. The design
of the oven makes it pretty versatile the cone shaped center has holes that allow you to smoke your food while you cook it. The cone also provides the ability to have 2 shelves for cooking different items at the same time. Even though it is shaped a little different than a traditional oven you can still use it like a traditional Dutch oven. I have always wanted to cook a turkey in a Dutch oven but never have in fact I have never cooked a turkey. For Mothers Day I decided to cook for my beautiful wife and my awesome Mother, I guess I should mention the rest of the family showed up to join us. I started with a 10 pound thawed out turkey, then I made a rub out of minced garlic,dried parsley, oregano, salt, and cooking oil. I dried the turkey well inside and out, then generously applied the rub inside and outside of the turkey. Then I put the turkey in the oven with the cone protruding up into the turkey.
The oven lid is large but the turkey was so large that I had to cut one wing of and lay it beside the rest of the bird.

I placed the oven on the hot coals for about an hour, then I started adding mesquite wood chips to the coals. I added fresh coals as needed and after about 2 ½ hours the turkey was finished.
The oven resting in the coals
The Finished Turkey

This was the best turkey that I have ever eaten, the meat was so moist that it fell of
the bone. I really enjoyed the turkey and so do my family.


  1. Tasty Turkey ever! Thanks so much for a wonderful happy mommy day!

  2. The turkey was excellent. In fact the whole dinner was excellent. The best part was I didn't have to cook and while the guys cleaned up Porter and I played. Thanks for a great day!

  3. Your turkey sounds ever so good. What a nice meal for Mother's Day!

  4. That looks like some good Turkey. Nothing like huntin/ campin and the great outdoors...Love cooking out in the wildnerness.

    The Black Widow